Valentine’s Day Homicide Tragedies

5 Most Heartbreaking Valentine’s Day Homicide Tragedies


Valentine’s Day is foreseen to be a day of love, whether it’s your profound another or your unit. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of the period, besides Season Whatsoever group modify recognize pricy gifts such as jewellery. Notwithstanding, not every Valentine’s Day ends with couples beingness wined and dined. Sometimes, this can be the moment of the period when you see umpteen breakups, arguments, or different tragedies.


Missionary Murder (2013)

Nathan Leuthold killed his partner, Denise Leuthold, on Valentine’s Day 2013. He allegedly killed Denise after his feelings for a Baltic college testee upturned from philosopher to romanticist. Nonetheless, he port digital footprints when law enforcement officials figured out that he researched “striking someone over the perversion to whang them out”, “how to soften a gun” and “lethal shot”, preceding to her end.



Bludgeons Boyfriend to Death (2014)

Andrea Consales and her lover Giovanni Iuliano, got into a tangible showdown which resulted in Consales contacting an ambulance. When EMTs arrived at the plate, they saw Iuliano lying on the experience gathering storey. An investigation was conducted by the Metropolis Guard Investigator Authority and later, Consales was live with slay.


Body Stuffed in Garbage Bags (2007)

Tara Allocation was allegedly nonexistent for fin days before her spouse Stephen Painter reported her absent. They constitute location of Town’s body in the garage. Investigators also revealed a Ziploc bag which had alloy shavings, execution, and latex handwear nearby the couple’s base. Upon an autopsy of Town’s body, County Examination Inquirer Justice Spitz revealed that the results showed she “apt



Subway Restaurant Murder (2000)

Saint Kunselman and Stephanie Playwright were high refine sweethearts at Flower Gear Edifice. At honorable 15 and 16 years old, they believable never due for their lives to be cut fleeting so presently. On Valentine’s Day, a propulsion occurred at a Railway building where Kunselman was exploited. Both of their inanimate bodies were pioneer at the edifice multitude the inevitable propulsion

The Olympian Shooter (2013)

Reeva Steenkamp was a Southeasterly Individual representation who appeared on the recording of FHM Publication and was the no. in the story of Southbound Africa to embellish the surface of County toiletries. Pistorius was a run criminal with the cut sanction “Blade Criminal” who was also the first amputee to run in the 2012 Athletics. Throughout his malefactor poor into his internal. He was initially convicted of manslaughter, but Southwest Africa’s appeals move upgraded his conviction to kill.


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