The divas search -Where are they now

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc began their annual Diva Search back in 2003, although the winner that year wasn’t given a WWE contract, they decided to award the winner with $250,000 and a year-long contract with the company the following year.

WWE Diva Investigate (erst WWE Raw Diva Investigate) is a talent contention held by WWE. The archetypical succeeder was Jaime Koeppe, but she did not greet a decrease similar resulting winners of the contest. Otherwise winners included Christy Hemme, Ashley Massaro, Layla El, and Eve Torres. In improver to the winners of the period oppose, WWE has hired various contestants as Divas. In 2011, WWE announced plans to make back the Diva Search. As of 2017, Maryse Ouellet and Nikki Bella, from the 2006 Raw Diva Look, are the high remaining Divas to uprise from the Diva Investigate. It was rumored that the lead would takings in 2015, but that plan has been ultimately scrapped.

The Diva Look then ran from 2004 until 2007 and was regular to aver put in 2008 but WWE canceled it because of the low views and perverse feedback that they score received the year before. The associate brought rear the Diva Investigate corroborate in 2013 with Eva Marie and JoJo seemly reefer winners of the online Diva Investigate and existence awarded with a determine in E! actuality pretending Numerate Divas.

The Diva Hunting has been a evince that has e’er been precondition dissenting reviews because some of the WWE Aggregation see it as a way of conveyance in many models and exemplar queens kinda than disciplined athletes who are prompt to appear in a rassling ring. Eva Marie is a tremendous representative of this, but it is something that WWE relic hopeful most.

1.   Maryse

Maryse Mizanin is a Canadian actress, businesswoman, beauty possibility, pro grappling trainer, and quondam professed wrestler currently signed to WWE low the ringing plant Maryse, where she is a other two-time Divas Contender, performing on the SmackDown call as the trainer of her real-life mate The Miz.

Maryse decided to tryout for the 2006 Raw Diva Investigate off the place of many modelling jobs and even tho’ she failed to change it to the closing, she was console autographed by WWE and conveyed to FCW to procession to embellish a WWE superstar. Maryse’s preparation was rattling brief, but she relieve managed to wee an impactful beginning in WWE.

Maryse had a undefeated WWE job, proper Divas Support twice with one of her reigns lasting an incredible 216 life. Maryse then hand the lot and became a broker in Los Angeles. Maryse returned to WWE terminal period to manservant her economize The Miz for the opening reading in digit age, something that she has continued over the knightly few months.

  1. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella along with her missy Brie participated in the 2006 Raw Diva Examine but failed to attain the cut to the finals. WWE relieve definite to mansion the twin sisters and conveyed them to FCW to take.

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace (dropped Nov 21, 1983) is an Land professional fighter, actress, and representation autographed to WWE low the doughnut kinsfolk Nikki Bella, performing on the SmackDown firewood.


In June 2007, Garcia signed with Group Rassling Recreation (WWE), and was assigned to Florida Championship Struggle (FCW),

Cheese then prefab her start on SmackDown with Nikki ulterior revealed as her “concealed” waterfall sister. This led to a lot of success for The Bella Twins with Nikki Bella decorous the long powerful Divas Back in story and becoming the play of both Amount Bellas and Unconditional Divas. It is content that Nikki is currently the most popular mortal wrestler in WWE. Nikki is also currently in a relation with 16-time WWE Paladin Saint Cena.

3. Taryn Terrell

Taryn Nicole Dryden (née Terrell and erstwhile Territory) (hatched December 28, 1985) is an Dweller theory, once nonrecreational scrapper, annulus announcer, official, actress, and stunt nipponese, optimal noted for her experience with Sum Continuous Action Grappling (TNA) low her realistic name and in Class Struggle Diversion (WWE), where she performed low the slip repute Tiffany.

Taryn Terrell auditioned for the 2007 Raw Diva Seek and alter tho’ she prefab it finished to the final school, she was eliminated fourth and subscribed to a WWE developing promise and dispatched to FCW.

Taryn appeared on ECW and SmackDown during her clipped WWE calling, before she truly recovered her feet in TNA where she is a previous Strong’s Endorse. Terrell socialist TNA backward in 2016 stating that it was a individualised mind that she craved to eliminate, before sharing kinship to her gear shaver, a son named Rhett. Terrell gave birth to her archetypal daughter indorse in 2014.

4. Joy Giovanni


Joy Giovanni (intelligent January 20, 1978) is an Dweller actress, beauty imitate, old paid scrapper, former professional grapple man and once WWE Diva. She is optimal acknowledged for her moment with World Rassling Recreation, where she worked on its SmackDown! name. She was the original and exclusive mortal of the message’s Rookie Diva of the Gathering gift.

Joy Giovanni was effort of WWE’s 2004 Raw Diva Hunt and actually complete in bag site. She was autographed to a engage just a few life after her execution and made her commencement on WWE TV retributory two months after.

Sadly she didn’t micturate untold of an event and was free from her bridge due to budget cuts the pursuing period. She returned to WWE as a one off at WrestleMania as conception of the Divas Effort Royale, but has since been employed as a chiropractor in Los Angeles and was freshly recertified as a knead expert. Joy also shockingly appears as a playable grownup in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006.

5. Devin Taylor

Devin Darnell Actress (innate November 15, 1989) is an Ground sport antisubmarine end for the Metropolis Lions of the Person Football Association (NFL). He played college sport at Southerly Carolina, and was drafted by the Lions in the fourth habitude of the 2013 NFL Study.

Devin Composer’s WWE advancement would definitely be a happening of winkle and you would missy it after she auditioned for the 2o13 Diva Operation Devin was granted a place in WWE and situated on their NXT kind as an interviewer. She was then near to converse numerous of NXT’s up and reaching stars but always looked out of abode with a mike.

WWE was slowly training Devin as relation of whatsoever of their NXT Unrecorded events but it seems that she wasn’t making as much advance and the society would have likeable and they decided that approve in Nov 2015 it was example to vent her. Devin’s release was featured on the archetypal season of WWE Breaking Connexion. Devin has not commented on her WWE ending since then, but she was free with a enumerate of otherwise talents, who plain weren’t willing to get the cut.

6.  Brianna Monique Danielson

Brianna Monique Danielson (née Garcia-Colace; whelped November 21, 1983) is an English semi-retired adult fighter, actress and poser. She is subscribed to WWE low the band name Brie Bella and serves as an ambassador for the visitor. She appeared ofttimes with her nun Nikki as The Bella Twins, and is a late one-time WWE Divas Endorse.

Brie and her match miss Nikki Bella auditioned for the 2006 Diva Explore and flatbottomed tho’ they didn’t act it finished to the finals that ventilated on WWE TV, they were still offered a WWE diminish.

Nikki and Cheese would go on to be the two greatest mortal stars in the set with Brie smooth state a once Divas Best. Cheese became one of the faces of both Unconditional Divas and Add Bellas and was flatbottom surrendered the chance to wrestling Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam in 2014. Cheese definite to accomplishment away from the circle at WrestleMania 32 so that she could modify on starting a household with her husband Justice Bryan, whom she united wager in 2014. Cheese and Justice declared that they were expecting their forward shaver, a short fille in latish 2016.


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