Indian Fitness Hotties Who Change the concept of Passionate with Body fitness

Indian Fitness Hotties Who Change the concept of Passionate  with Body fitness

Every girl know what should be need to looking hot especially the body fitness to impress the Men.  Toned bodies, sprightly butts, huge biceps are what everyone are trying to get these days. We don’t say it’s bad but when a women working out at the gym is what goes against all typecasts. Women have always been passionate with their bodies & thinks look is the only things that matter. Fitness and healthy diet is now taking over the world. People across the globe use Instagram and other social media to tell their weight loss stories. 7 Indian fitness models and Instagrammers are ditching low-calorie diets and hours of monotonous cardio sessions and go to that part of the gym. They completely changed the Indian fitness industry and can make anyone want to sweat their asses off at the gym.





Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet sahni training clips breakout the search on Instagram and other social media. She shares lots of training clips with the exercises she does on a regular basis. And she proved that lifting weights make girls look like men!

She tell that her deep passion to helping others reach and sustain their fitness goals, become healthier, and achieve their dream body has lead me to join develop SumeetFit. She interested in Competing in bikini competitions, working out, collecting sneakers, and my pitbull puppy


Sapna Vyas Patel

She lost over 30 kg in just a year which made her one of the most popular fitness gurus in India. Her Instagram account is packed with saucy snaps. She also post video every day in YouTube about fitness workout and how she was lost her 30kg weight within one year.


Jessica Arevalo

Once again proves that healthy diet and weight lifting makes you look super-hot. Wonder how guys feel when this hotie shows up at the gym.  She is An Olympian competitor, fitness model, and Shredz Athlete, Jessica prides herself on being a lifetime natural athlete, influencing and empowering women in the health and fitness world!


Shweta Rathore

Her rock solid abs has been the Indian fitness icon for quite a long time now. Strong is the new sexy indeed! The tall young woman with lovely long hair strikes it rich once again. She is the first Indian sports woman to be bestowed with ‘Miss India’ title and bag Gold medal too in a row.  Her success has brought in endorsement deals with health supplement brands.

Bani J loves

‘Bigg Boss’ 10 contestant Bani J. Her tattoos or her washboard abs. If you ask me, I love them both. She  was  sponsored athlete for Optimum Nutrition, brand ambassador for Core Fitness Station, registered Zumba fitness instructor, Zumba kids and junior fitness instructor, Bokwa fitness instructor, TRX suspension trainer, bolly aerobics instructor, Les Mills Bodypump instructor, and a trained kathak dancer.


Navreet Josan

Totally destroys all the stereotypes around iron sport and femininity. Take a look at these snaps and get ready to have your desires burn. Navreet Josan a makeup artist based out of Delhi has busted stereotypes. This Jalandhar girl is a bodybuilder in the bikini class category. Navreet is helping break down cultural barriers associated with certain sports so that more women will be willing to try them out.


Sonali Swami

She is a mother of two, has been a motivation to millions of moms across India. She believes that discipline and focus could get you anywhere. She  was leading a near perfect life with my hubby and two kids till I felt the urge to learn more about fitness. And that is how I got hooked to weight training. The results were amazing after all the hardwork, I won India’s first ever FitFactor by BodyPower 2014.





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